All that incredible story weaving quality. The charisma of its “being the messenger” potential – “my dreams come true” or “deja vu”s that make us pause and think “hmm why does this feel so familiar?”. Seeing the people who had died or you hear after a short period that they died. Having some dreams that trigger to question things, because “I had similar dreams that resulted in something so what does this tell me now” states.

Or looking into dream dictionaries trying to get the meaning behind the symbolism of dream. Asking elders who are good at understanding them to translate the dreams for you.

Attending lucid dreaming workshops, waking in between them to follow some sort of ritual to better remember those dreams or shape them as per your will.

Well, dreams are a storyboard that has a purpose. The purpose is beyond our understanding though. It is a tool that is used to prepare and cement the background theme of our daily lives. We are unconsciously programmed to listen to it and it can become an adversary in our self discovery journey.

So, what are dreams?

Dreams are a very important part of what can be called as global program.

When as homo sapiens in transitus (this is the name Human Design System calls the 9 Centered Homo Sapiens) we lay down to sleep, there happens an interesting change in our design matrix. We are 9 centered matrix beings when awake, but in sleep we experience 5 centered mammalian matrix – just like our cats and dogs. 64 gates become 15 gates and we even have type changes, like Generators become Projectors or Reflectors, etc.

When the awake matrix type ratios are on the average Generators (66,17%), Projectors (22,62%), Manifestors (9,76%) and Reflectors (1,45%); the sleep matrix ratios are about Reflectors (67,6%), Generators (17,3%), Projectors (14,9%) and Manifestors (0,2%). What does this mean in other terms?

Well, let’s take my design as an example. I am a Generator (MG) in awake matrix and Projector in sleeping matrix. My sleep matrix causes type change and this brings its own challenges in self journey. In my sleep, I am programmed to search for success and when awake if I am in my not-self stage, I am after obtaining success and recognition and in return what I find is frustration and anger.

Pretty neat structure, if I say so myself. Since my childhood, this had been a knife in my side. When I first learned about this, I was so disturbed and shocked, I don’t remember what was explained in the following 1 hour. My mind was just bringing example after example starting from my childhood how I had suffered because of this.

And oh boy, there were lots of examples that might be connected to my dream life. The realized ones, cryptic ones that came to pass and became understandable after the fact, absurd science fiction themed ones, chaotic ones. All part of my dream program themes. Don’t forget many other spices the dreams come with that snoops into our daily actions.

Dream life is also our connection to the mammalian matrix. The difference is the mammalians live that design all the time, unlike the humans. So this brings some differences in how we experience the matrices. Dreams are extensions of reality for our cats and dogs – if you have one in your home you have seen many times how active they become in their dreams.

My dog likes to bark at horses. One day there were horses outside and he was fast asleep. But he started to sleep-bark (whiny low sound level barking sounds), but continued to sleep. Yet he sleep-barked until I could not hear the hoof sounds.

Anyway. Let’s get back to the gates. Each gate of dream matrix connects to other gates of awake matrix. With the help of amino acids. Each amino acid is connected to several gates and this means when one gate is active in dream program whatever we received is transferred to other gates of the same amino acids in the awake matrix.

That’s how the global program use the dreams to condition us and since we cannot really analyze whatever is happening while we are sleeping, the moment we open our eyes and get up, we receive all and go on our day no one the wiser. Quite a handy trick that works for program, right?

What we recommend? Never ever forget your awake structure and don’t take the dreams too personal. And share your dreams with others, like sharing notes so you can get a better grasp on global program and how the script is being written.

Once, a few years back, many people I have talked to had arm pains, some even went to hospitals wondering if they were having heart attacks and got clean bills. It was really interesting to see there were some demon realm transits in the dream program then. Demon realm works to make the body healthier so it is not as sinister as it sounds. (Of course if you have some doubts about your health, contact your doctor asap and it’s correct thing to do.) Isn’t it also interesting that a dream transit can cause similar reactions in many people that does not have any connection on the surface with each other?

Just food for thought, don’t you think?

Be healthy

Be safe


and take the dreams into consideration with a grain of salt please…

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